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Schedule Of Flat Fees For United States Filings

The following is a schedule of fixed rates for United States trademark registrations and includes all government filing fees. When you are ready to register your trademark, visit our trademark registration form to get started. (You may use the same form to begin the process to register your mark in other countries as well. Once we receive the form, we will contact you with the fees for each country you wish to file in.)

Schedule Of Fixed Rates For United States Filings

United States Trademarks
Class or Item
Official Fees Services
Per Class 1st Class Addl’ Classes
Filing New Trademark Application w/ Fixed Prosecution eTeas Plus
250.00 1275.00 375.00
Filing New Trademark Application w/ Fixed Prosecution eTeas Standard
350.00 1275.00 375.00
ITU Extensions/Allegations of Use/Statements of Use
Six (6) Month Extension
125.00 275.00 100.00
100.00 300.00 125.00
Dividing Trademark Application
100.00 475.00 100.00
Trademark Maintenance: §8/71 (Use) & §15 (incontestability)
425.00 475.00 100.00
Trademark Registration Renewal
525.00 500.00 150.00
Trademark Maintenance: §8/71 (Use Only)
225.00 475.00 100.00
Trademark Maintenance: §8/71 (Use) & §15 (incontestability) — BELATED
525.00 575.00 125.00
Trademark Registration Renewal — BELATED
625.00 700.00 300.00
Recording Title Changes
40.00 500.00 85.00
Petitions to Reinstate/Revive Application
150.00 400.00 150.00
Filing Opposition or Cancellation
600.00 2200.00 300.00
Filing Appeal
225.00 400.00 300.00
TTAB Extensions
First 30 Day Extension 0.00 200.00
First 60 or 90 Day Extension 200.00 200.00
Final 60 Day Extension 400.00 200.00
Taking Over Already Filed National or Madrid Application (Non-Substantive)
500.00 400.00
Amendment to Registration
100.00 400.00
Madrid Filing* (plus Disbursements)
2000.00 100.00
Addl. Ctry 200.00
Foreign Filing* (plus disbursements)
Plus Agent and Official Fees 1200.00 400.00
Additional Fee Notes:
Application Irregularity fee is $100.00 + $100.00 Services
Surcharge for deleting goods after Section 8 filed $250.00 + $100.00 services
Charges for appeal briefs $200.00 and + $100.00 for extension plus services
Oral hearing requests $500.00 additional fee plus services

All Trademark Applications

There is no guarantee that a particular trademark will be accepted for registration by the Patent & Trademark Office (“PTO”) or the appropriate registration authority in a foreign jurisdiction. If an application encounters a significant problem, the client will be advised of the nature of the objections and given an estimate of the cost of our response, together with our evaluation of the client’s likelihood of success. If there is no basis to overcome a statutory refusal on the part of the PTO, we shall not be obligated to submit a response to an office action if doing so would not, in our professional judgment, result in overcoming the statutory refusal in the application.

U.S. Trademark Applications

The fixed fees listed above (“Fixed Fees”) are for our Legal Services during the basic examination procedure. However, Fixed Fees do not include those rare instances in which additional Legal Services are required, for example, the filing or prosecution of opposition proceedings, letters to the Director of the PTO, investigations into or negotiations with anticipating marks, appeals, or additional government fees that may be required during the application process.

Trademark Maintenance and Renewal

Provided that the mark is in use at the time of filing of the maintenance or renewal application in the same form, for the same goods and the same registered owner, there are usually no additional government filing fees. Under current law, a section 8 affidavit must be filed in connection with both maintenance and renewal affidavits. At any time after five continuous years of use of a mark in commerce, and where there is no pending litigation attacking the validity of such mark, a section 15 affidavit can be filed to attain incontestability of the registered mark.

Intent To Use

Intent to Use applications are filed in anticipation of use of your trademark. Once the PTO approves your intent-to-use application, you have six months within which to begin using your mark in interstate commerce and file an Amendment to Allege Use. (The document is prepared by us and signed by the client, who also furnishes evidence (i.e., “specimens”) of the use.

If you are not yet using your mark and need more time, you will need to file an extension,* which will allow you to file an Amendment to Allege Use later. Amendments to Allege Use are required by the PTO for all Intent to Use applications. Additional fixed fees for our services apply to each extension and to the Amendment.

Notice Of Allowance And Extensions

When a Notice of Allowance issues after the expiration of the opposition period, or upon success of an opposition, the three year period within which you must commence use of the mark commences. Every six months, before use commences, you must file an extension request to keep the application alive and pending. Additional fees for our Legal Services and government charges apply to Statements of Use and Requests for an Extension of Time to File a Statement of Use.

Foreign Trademark Applications

On foreign trademark applications, we will estimate the cost of our legal services, which estimate will apply to our routine process for foreign filings, to wit, obtaining information from you and communications with foreign attorneys on how to proceed with filing. The estimate does not include legal services to respond to partial or complete refusals to register in any jurisdiction or fees charged by foreign counsel, which are considered disbursements. However, before we perform any additional legal services (for which we will bill you on an hourly basis), we will advise you. Due to the possibility of communication delays in dealing with foreign jurisdictions and to keep costs to a minimum, you must timely respond to our requests for information.

We reserve the right to bill disbursements related to foreign trademark applications (including but not limited to communications, express delivery, certifications and Apostilles, and late filing charges in the foreign jurisdiction) at the time such disbursements are incurred by us on your behalf.

General Notes

The preceding special terms and conditions are incorporated into and are a part of the terms and conditions of your Engagement Letter or online Attorney Engagement Agreement (as the case may be) with Gordon E. R. Troy, PC. As used on this page, “Client” or “you” refers to any client of Gordon E. R. Troy, PC, who has retained us to perform legal services.

All charges and expenses are subject to change. If you have not received a current quote from us, please contact us.

[1] 1/15/2017 change in USPTO Official Fees
[2] Belated filings within six months are additional $200 per class
[3] Extensions of 90 days or less, additional $100 fee for up to additional 60 days

Updated: 1/15/2017