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Before you file your trademark application, there are factors that may determine your mark’s registrability. At Gordon E. R. Troy, PC, we can guide your research on your mark and identify defects in your intellectual property that may render your mark ineligible for registration.

Follow these links to discover reasons examiners frequently reject trademark applications:

  • Explanation of confusing similarity refusals: If your application has been rejected due to “confusing similarity,” you may be able to overcome this issue. Follow this link to learn about the strategies that we can pursue to create a compelling argument that results in an approved application.

  • Explanation of descriptiveness refusals: Applications for mark registration may be refused if your examiner believes that your mark is descriptive. It is possible to overcome this refusal. Follow this link to learn how to build a strong claim against a refusal.

  • Differences between principal and supplemental registers: Your mark may not meet the qualifications for its registration on the principal register. It may be registered on the supplemental register instead. Learn more about the differences between these registers and the advantages of each when you follow this link.