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Attorney Engagement Agreement

This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions by which you retain the law firm, Gordon E. R. Troy, PC, d/b/a WEBTM (“we” or “us”), as your attorneys in connection with such services as you may request us to perform from time to time (hereinafter, “Legal Services”). Your acceptance of Legal Services shall constitute acceptance of all of the following terms and conditions except as otherwise expressly agreed by us in writing.

We will bill you for Legal Services (“Fees”) at the following hourly rates, depending upon the individual assigned to your matter(s):



Associate/Of Counsel

$275.00 – $350.00


$200.00 – $325.00

Hourly billing will be accounted for and charged in tenths of hours (i.e., six-minute segments). We reserve the right to change the foregoing hourly rates upon 30 days notice to you. At your request, we will estimate the cost of Legal Services, but in no event shall such estimate be considered binding on us unless we specifically agree in writing.

We will periodically bill you for our out-of-pocket expenses, which may include but are not limited to filing fees, official charges, costs of obtaining deposition and hearing transcripts, costs of mailing, copying, telecommunications, travel, express delivery, database research, and foreign counsel fees (“Disbursements”). In the event we pay any Disbursement for which you have not paid us in advance, we reserve the right to include a twenty (20%) percent handling fee. All invoices, whether for Fees and/or Disbursements, are due upon receipt.

We shall continue to perform Legal Services until such time as you request us to stop performing Legal Services or if you fail to pay us as provided herein. In either case, on termination of our representation, you shall be responsible for and shall immediately pay any and all Fees and Disbursements incurred through the date of such termination. In the event that we have hired other attorneys, foreign counsel, experts, agents, and the like to assist in rendering Legal Services, you shall also be responsible for paying all billings that may occur through the date upon which we provide notice of termination to such third party providers. We will not be obligated to transfer your files to you or another attorney until such time as all outstanding invoices are paid in full. In addition, you shall be responsible for the advance payment of all Fees and Disbursements related to such transfer.

You recognize that we cannot guarantee desired results in any matter. However, we shall endeavor to the best of our abilities, within the constraints imposed by you, to obtain the results desired by you and permitted or recognized by law. The following additional terms and conditions apply to this Attorney Engagement Agreement and are incorporated herein by reference:

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Gordon Troy is an attorney admitted to the practice of law in the states of Vermont, New York, and Illinois, and the District of Columbia and maintains offices exclusively in the state of Vermont. Where required, we utilize the assistance of attorneys licensed to practice throughout the United States and in foreign countries to assist in handling particular client matters.