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Corporate and Commercial Legal Services

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Contract Negotiation, Preparation, and Advice

Corporate and commercial contracts are critical to every business. Businesses that try to negotiate and prepare contracts by themselves – or worse, use forms found or purchased on the internet – often discover after it’s too late that the contract overlooked crucial details and legal requirements, or contained unanticipated pitfalls. We have extensive experience in negotiating, preparing agreements, and advising our clients on a wide range of issues.
These include, by way of example:

• Intellectual property (trademark and copyright) licensing agreements
• Master services agreements
• Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs)
• Manufacturing and supply agreements
• Employment agreements
• Independent contractor agreements
• “Work Made for Hire” and “Work Product” agreements
• Noncompetition agreements
• LLC operating agreements
• Asset purchase agreements
• Software as a service (SaaS) agreements
• Application development agreements
• Terms and conditions of sale business-to-business (B2B)
• Website terms and conditions and privacy policies
• Recording artist agreements
• Production agreements
• Publishing administration agreements
• Product sponsorship agreements
• Model releases

The world of business is full of complex legalities. Turn to us when you need help navigating them.

Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks are important to the smooth functioning of any business with more than a few employees. Although most states consider employee handbooks not to be enforceable contracts in themselves, employers may nevertheless be held accountable to specific representations and procedures specified in their handbooks. Boilerplate handbooks provided by employment service providers often contain provisions that are unnecessary or lack the appropriate specificity for your business, or they may lack crucial provisions altogether. Moreover, in the process of preparing employment handbooks for our clients, we have often encountered important employment issues that our clients (and the boilerplate handbooks) simply overlooked.

We have prepared comprehensive employee handbooks for a wide variety of businesses located in New York (including New York City), New Jersey, Vermont, and California, and we can prepare employee handbooks for any U.S. state or municipality.

Employee Terminations

Are you considering suspending or terminating an employee? Consult with us before you do. Employee suspension and termination can often give rise to legal claims by the employee. In addition, an employee who has been privy to your company’s confidential information and trade secrets poses a unique danger. We can guide employers through this potential minefield, prepare enforceable termination and settlement agreements, and advise what you can do to prevent nondisclosure events.

Take Steps Today to Minimize Liabilities Tomorrow

Sound contracts and informed legal counsel can help you avoid making mistakes that put your business at risk. We are qualified to assist you with drafting or revising employment handbooks, intellectual property agreements, or other legal documents that protect your company’s interests.

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