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Trademark Questionnaire

Please provide the following information to us so that we can learn more about your situation and provide you with our guidance as to how to proceed. By completing and providing this information we will return to you our customary confirmation instructions for your review, which will set out in detail what we will do with your trademark. Not until you accept our confirmation instructions, provide us with the items detailed are we engaged to handle this matter for you.

New Applications

  1. Owner’s legal name, place of formation or citizenship, and legal address

  2. Mark (if a design, provide sample and description)

  3. Goods/Services of Interest

  4. First use in the United States, and first use in commerce

  5. Foreign Application or Registration priority information

Maintenance and Renewal Applications

  1. Registration Number

  2. Is the mark in use in the United States and if so, please provide a copy of evidence

  3. Has/have there been any ownership change(s) in the mark, and if so, provide details.