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International Trademark Services FAQ

What You Need to Know About International Trademark Applications

At Gordon E. R. Troy, PC, our Vermont-based firm has helped countless clients throughout the U.S. and across the globe to protect their logos and brands through registration and enforcement of their trademarks. We understand how challenging it can be to understand the workings of international trademark registration, which is why we are sharing questions our clients regularly ask us about international trademark registration.

Please read our answers below and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your trademark concerns.

Can I File a Trademark in Several Different Countries at The Same Time?

Yes. You can register and manage your trademarks through the Madrid System, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EU IPO), through direct national filings in trademark offices throughout the world as well as other international options.

What Is a Madrid Filing?

A Madrid filing refers to the process of submitting an application to the Madrid System for international trademark registration. This is a cost-effective and efficient manner to protect your trademark overseas because only one application is required to secure trademark protection in multiple countries.

If you still have questions on international trademarks, reach out to us for knowledgeable advice.

Can Different People in Different Countries Own the Same Trademark?

Yes. This is why, if you plan on conducting business internationally, it is critical that you work with an attorney who is well-versed in the international trademark application process.
Whether you are seeking to secure trademark protection in the U.S. or overseas, we are equipped to help you determine the most effective strategy to pursue.

Do I Need a U.S.-Based Attorney to Represent Me if I Plan to Do Business in The U.S.?

If you plan to conduct business in the U.S., having a U.S.-based attorney who thoroughly understands both international and U.S. trademarks will help your business save time and money during the trademark process. At Gordon E. R. Troy, PC, we have over 35 years of experience handling a variety of trademark matters, which include facilitating the application process and protecting marks after they’ve been registered.

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