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Specifications For Drawings

Special Form Drawing Requirements

There are two types of drawings: Standard Character Drawings, and Special Form Drawings. If the mark is not a “word mark” (e.g., there is some drawing or graphic element, or a stylized font or a nonstandard character is used) please follow the following special form drawing requirements.

Applications for marks that include graphic elements or are of special type fonts, must be submitted as special form drawings. From the information provided by you, along with a sample of the mark in good quality form, we should be able to prepare the drawing page meeting the trademark office specifications.

Please forward a sample of the mark for our review at the earliest possible date. It is preferred that you forward a sample of the mark to us electronically (JPG) so that we can manipulate it to conform with the trademark office rules.

The requirements for a special form drawing are as follows:

Color or Black and White:

When color is not claimed as a feature of the mark, the drawing must appear in pure black and white; no color and no grey are permitted.

When color is claimed as a feature of the mark, the drawing must show the mark in color, and the applicant must name the color(s), describe where the color(s) appear on the mark, and submit a claim that the color(s) is a feature of the mark.

  1. Every line and letter must be clear.

  2. The use of gray to indicate shading is unacceptable unless that is specifically part of the mark.

  3. The lining must not be too fine or too close together.

  4. The preferred size of the area in which the mark is displayed is 2 1/2 inches (6.1 cm.) high and 2 1/2 inches (6.1 cm.) wide. It should not be larger than 4 inches (10.1 cm.) high or 4 inches (10.1 cm.) wide.

  5. If the reduction of the mark to the required size renders any details illegible, the applicant may insert a statement in the application to describe the mark and these details.

  6. The mark should be provided in JPG format for electronic submission to the Patent and Trademark Office. The format for the file should be 300 DPI, between 250X944 pixels, and can not exceed 5MB in size, nor greater than 350DPI.

  7. Do not include the “TM” or “SM” symbol or the Circle ‘R’ in the drawing (TM SM®)

Please note that color marks are possible. Typically, it is advisable not to file for a color form of the mark. If you have a color mark, please forward that to us for our review and consideration so that we can discuss the merits of filing a color mark for you.