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  • If you want to register a trademark in the United States, click here for instructions on how to do that. We have been offering trademark registration and trademark portfolio management services in the United States and internationally for over 25 years. Registering and managing trademarks involves a lot more than simply filing an application. Even before an application is filed, there are many strategic issues to consider – issues that cut-rate service providers don’t even know about. We handle our clients’ trademarks and trademark portfolios on an individualized basis, taking the care that is appropriate to valuable assets.

  • If you want to register a trademark internationally, please email us to set up a consultation. Pricing depends upon the particular countries and jurisdictions where you want to register, as well as other factors such as the order of registration. Over the years, we have developed certain approaches to keep costs down.

  • If you want to maintain or renew your registered trademarks in the United States and internationally, click here for more information.

  • If you want us to represent you in an opposition or cancellation proceeding in the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, please email us with the details about the proceeding and the serial number or registration number of your trademark so that we can set up a consultation with you.

Understand your options when filing for a U.S. trademark. Contact us today for guidance.

  • If you are a foreign attorney or law firm, associate, or trademark agent, please email us for the rates and terms of our domestic trademark agent services. By law, foreign attorneys, associates, and trademark agents must have a domestic “agent” in order to provide services to their clients in the USPTO. For over 30 years, we have been providing these services to firms located throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, Brazil, the Russian Federation, and elsewhere.

  • If you received a cease-and-desist letter from a trademark owner or have been sued, or if you want to send a cease-and-desist letter or sue for trademark infringement, please email us to set up a consultation.

  • If you need assistance in drafting or negotiating a licensing agreement, master services agreement, or any other business contract, please email us to set up a consultation. We write contracts that non-lawyers can understand.

  • If you need assistance with a trademark assignment or a change of ownership of a trademark, please email us to set up a consultation.

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